Camborne Town Looks Forward to Trevithick Day

I was taken to my first Trevithick Day in a pushchair by my mother and father. Years later, I have yet to miss Camborne’s festival day and am looking forward to the 30th annual event, taking place this Saturday, April 27th.

Raising civic pride and bringing the community together are two of the Trevithick Day Association’s main aims and these are two of the reasons why so many Camborne people and their families enjoy the event.

I tend not to have the best luck on the tombolas, but enjoy supporting the local organisations and their stalls! As for the dancing, it’s been a few years since my days at Roskear School, when I’d be twinkling my toes in the Children’s Dance first thing in the morning. Nonetheless, nothing beats watching today’s schoolchildren taking part and then on to the Mason’s Hall to see which school has taken the top prize this year.

You can find out more information on Trevithick Day by visiting the following link:

But best of all – just come along and enjoy yourself this weekend!

Business of the Week – Lifestyle Solutions Fitness Studio

I often joke, that if I don’t get elected during the next cycle of elections, then I’ll turn my efforts to trying to win in Rio 2016 instead!
Who can forget those long summer days last year, when we were all glued to the television screens cheering on Team GB and seeing that fantastic medal haul coming in?
With those happy memories and the lighter and warmer weather for 2013 on its way, if you’re looking to take part in some fitness, then local business Lifestyle Solutions is worth a look. I have been going to classes at this venue for nearly a year, and it’s a really warm, friendly and fun environment for all ages and abilities. No big sign-up fees or minimum contracts either, which is a bonus for busy people!
You can find Lifestyle Solutions on Facebook or at
Enjoy and hope to see you there!

Camborne Town Council – New Website Coming Soon

It is my great pleasure to announce that Camborne Town Council will soon be launching a brand new website.

I am the Chair of the Website Redevelopment Task and Finish Group, and our main aim is to create a new site that is really user-friendly and engaging for local people.

We are currently discussing the Council’s requirements with a range of local website developers.

So now is the time to have your say! We would love to hear the kinds of things you would find useful on the website and what you would like to see.

Please use the contact button to get in touch and let us know your views.

Free Parking in Camborne

It’s been a long time coming hasn’t it?

The new Business Improvement District in Camborne has worked with the local traders to arrange a trial period of free parking throughout September and October.

Shoppers can park in Trevithick Road car park (behind Argos/the old Rowe Bowl) for 2 hours for free during the pilot and shop to their hearts content in the town centre!

I know I shall be making use of this and I hope you all do too, to keep Camborne’s town centre busy and bustling.

An update from BID Camborne

The first monthly update email from BID Camborne popped into my inbox this morning. Our very own Business Improvement District has been up and running since April now. In response to feedback from local traders and residents, BID Camborne has teamed up with Camborne Regeneration Forum to offer free children’s activities in Commercial Square.

The fun will run from 11am-3pm every Friday during August – starting next week with Chloe the Clown’s Magic Show, followed by Punch and Judy shows on the 10th. Friday 17th sees Mr Bamboozle and his balloon and circus tricks, on the 24th it’s a surf simulator and the final event on 31st August brings none less than a Rodeo Pig to our Town Sqaure!

Enjoy the activities and I’m sure this will be the first of many exciting things to come from BID Camborne.

Confidence Tricksters – Warning

As regular readers of my site know, I like to keep the content as positive as possible. Every now and again, something crops up that I feel is important enough to bend this unwritten rule.

Sadly, it has come to my attention that con artists have been targeting streets in Camborne where it is known that older people tend to live.

The con ranges from pretending to be a florist delivering a bouquet, to being a distressed young mum short of money to put on her electricity meter.

The aim is either to get inside the house to steal items or to hoodwink the resident into handing over cash. The criminals responsible often seem very plausible, for example coming along with the electricity key as a prop.

Do not be their next victim – only open the door to visitors you are expecting that show you valid ID. If in doubt do not open the door at all and keep a log of any suspicious callers. Consult the police if you feel at threat – either on 999 if the threat is immediate or the 101 non-emergency number to flag up incidents.

Please pass this on to any older friends or relatives living in Camborne and help keep them safe from these disgusting opportunists.

Let’s Get Inspired

There’s a saying that was often bandied about when I was growing up in Camborne: “Anyone with any get up and go, gets up and gets out of Cornwall”.

I think this massively underestimates the talent and potential of Cornish young people.  We’re a hardworking, resilient bunch and there’s no shame in rating the beautiful countryside above the gold-paved streets of the big smoke.

Since I’ve been involved in politics, I’ve trained and mentored many young people to stand as candidates and develop their skills.

It’s now just 1 year to the next Cornwall Council elections and I’ll be running a programme called “Let’s Get Inspired” over the next few months to find and train new candidates and campaign team members. You don’t need any previous experience, just an interest and passion for Cornwall and its people.

If you’re interested in finding out more, drop me an email using the contact button and I look forward to working with you.

High Street Heroes

As regular readers of my site know, I tend to promote the best of the independent shops and businesses in and around Camborne.

I’ve run this feature for a couple of years now, and have decided to widen the field to include “High Street Heroes”.

High Street Heroes are the people who don’t just turn up to work and go through the motions. They’re the shop assistants and business owners who really care about their customers and the impression created by their products and services.

The very first High Street Hero is a lady I’m sure most Camborne residents are familiar with. Her name is Sue and she works in the main Boots the Chemist on Trelowarren Street. This chemist has always been busy and seems to be busier than ever whenever I go in.

No matter how under pressure or what enquiry she receives, Sue is always exceptionally friendly and cheerful and is a real asset to the business. I am sure there would be many more people who would get fed up and angry with the long queues, were it not for Sue’s beaming smile and calming manner.

I’d love to hear from you about your own High Street Heroes in Camborne – just click on the link to send me an email.

King Edward Mine

It’s not very often that Camborne gets to host a global event – but that was the case last weekend, when King Edward Mine in Troon welcomed the 34th International Mining Games.

Teams from round the world panned for gold, drilled through concrete, sawed through wood and many other gruelling pursuits, in a bid to become the champions.

I went up on Saturday and there was a large crowd enjoying the competition (despite the fact the pleasant spring weather had become somewhat chilly!)

The full site was open so there was a chance to look round the museum as well. I enjoyed using the scale model of the local landscape to then locate Pascoe’s Shaft with the binoculars.

This year, King Edward Mine is holding its annual Open Day to coincide with Trevithick Day on April 29th. You can visit their website for more details:

Camborne’s Discovery Map

Camborne’s Discovery Map has been in production for over a year now and the good news is, it’s about to hit the doormats of every home in the parish!

As some of you may know from the previous Discovery Maps produced for towns such as Newquay and Hayle, these are very high quality, beautifully illustrated maps that introduce locals and visitors to the flora, fauna and heritage of the area.

In addition to the free copy being provided to every Camborne household, the maps will be on sale for the RRP of £1.00 and would make lovely gifts for friends and relatives living outside of the county.

Camborne Town Council is working with the Discovery Map Steering Group to co-ordinate deliveries across the town in the next few weeks. If you would like to be involved and lend a hand delivering, drop me a line and I’ll pass your details on to the project co-ordinators.