Camborne Christmas Lights Switch-on

Well we didn’t get a reprieve from the weeks of relentless rain for the annual festive ceremony, but at least it wasn’t raining as hard as usual for the countdown!

There was much good-natured banter about our Christmas tree coming from Redruth this year. Although better for the environment than being convoyed over from Scandinavia, for many original Camborners Redruth is more of a foreign land! Let’s hope the pitch isn’t too waterlogged for our yearly Boxing Day inter-town rugby match in a few weeks’ time.

The Town Square was packed with local families taking part in and watching the festivities this afternoon. There was the customary split-second after the countdown reached zero and before the lights actually came on, but after a sharp intake of breath, they all lit up and the square became instantly more Christmassy. A big cheer went up and everyone slowly wandered off home, merrily greeting friends and workmates on the way.

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